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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many units are needed for my event? Proper planning is the key to successful events and mass gatherings. Studies indicate that adequate restroom facilities have a significant impact on attendance and profitability. Since visual effects make the greatest impression on attendees, special considerations should be given to quantity, placement, and service. Because users of the portable restroom facilities determine the quality of service based on real and perceived conditions, the specials event coordinator will want nice, clean, high-quality units that are in good repair with vent screens and door locks. Proper service will maintain the condition of the units with regards to the level of waste, the availability of tissue and clean interior. Even if the event is not large enough for pumping service, general housecleaning can make a significant impact on the event.

A bad experience with a portable restroom can affect the user’s attitude toward the event itself.

Providing too few units can have a major economic impact on promoters and vendors. Providing too many units can cause an excessive expense for the promoters. The following chart provides a guideline in determining the number of portable restroom facilities necessary to provide adequate service for your customers.

Number of units Required when NO pumping service is provided

50/50 Mix of men & women

1 unit provides approximately 200 uses with 4 hours between uses

how many units

How many portable toilets do I need for my construction site? One portable toilet is designed to service ten workers for a one week period. Too few portable toilets will lead to overuse and unsanitary conditions. If your portable toilet is unsanitary your workers will have to leave the job site to use the restroom, equating to loss work time for your company. A small investment in adequate toilets can increase your teams ability to be productive.

How often is my portable toilet cleaned? Units are typically serviced once per week. We do offer service from once a week to daily depending on your needs.

How much advance do you need for a portable toilet order? As with all things the more time, the better but we are equipped to provide service in a timely manner (many times the same day).

What do I do if my portable toilet is flipped over? This is an unfortunate side effect of portable toilets. From time to time they blow over during heavy winds or are turned over as a part of job site vandalism. When this happens please call our office and allow us to handle this situation.